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Capacitors & Resistors

electro technik industries is a leader in capacitor & resistor manufacturing for various industries, including commercial, military, space, and telecommunications.

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Capacitor & Resistor Companies

by electro technik industries, inc.

at arizona capacitors, inc. we are the leading name in quality wound film capacitors for both commercial and military applications.

bg西游捕鱼custom suppression, inc. is a leading manufacturer of emi filters and rfi filters (signal filters, saw filters, hermetically sealed filters, rf filters,t filters, pi filters, and l filters).

bg西游捕鱼tepro designs and manufactures both wirewound resistors and metal film resistors for their chassis mount resistor, power resistor, and surface mount resistor lines.

hymeg corporation strives to provide each customer with quality custom made resistors in a notably fast and efficient lead time. we have been experts in the thickfilm resistor industry for over 42 years using a hands-on approach in the manufacturing and testing of each product.

bg西游捕鱼plastic capacitors, inc., manufactures a wide variety of standard catalog plastic film and/or paper dielectric capacitors, high voltage transformers, ac to high voltage dc power packs, pulse forming networks and specialty l/c/r networks.


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